Not The Same

by Escape Wheel

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released November 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Escape Wheel Arvada, Colorado


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Track Name: Not The Same
We'll leave the fever here, you and I make three. Just to savor the miles takes a more patient man than me. I know you'll always feel like a half hitch knot, about residing to staying in one spot. It's not the same, we waver all the time. It's not the same, I'm sorry for the weight I get frustrated, marching in these fucking lines. Some are driven by the fight, some driven by reward but you don't see the detriment. Did you spend your life a blue heart? The time is never right. It only goes so far, it's always your summer night.
Track Name: The Interim
I was written in Maine, ow I'm nothing without providence. Holding out for the real thing, you could traverse my hearts terrain. This ain't the last red light, you're not dying at a desk. It's only the interim. We play by the old rules, all the comfort somehow makes it right. I never knew the choice was mine, just can't let it go for the 100th time.
Track Name: Bliss and Woe
We were so young back then, we were daring to try now we take to the side. Everything feels like a headwind. I was never sure, where it all fit in, we make a killing, the wealth is comforting and then we die. Everything feels like a headwind. You used to smile like the world was yours, when I was your boat and you held the oars. The bliss and the woe, it all comes in waves and eases your heart when you turn away. The bliss and the woe, it held us upright, the brownout and the light will lead you home. Bled out the days, it's the only way to hide in the fables that kept us drifting out. Everything feels like a headwind. We were so clear, lived past the noise. We waste our money and time on shit that leaves us with no choice. Everything feels like a headwind. Wait on a wire 'till you see the end, took the longest road and made the most friends.